Molecular Diagnostic Lab

 Manjunath Prasad

Manjunath Prasad


The vision of Molecular Genetics & Transplant immunology (MGTI) laboratory at Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation is to develop clinical tests related to molecular genetics and transplantation immunology to help patients and clinicians to understand the genetic modifications of the diseased for better treatment outcomes.

The MGTI  lab provides low-resolution, as well as intermediate-resolution  Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing for HLA Class I and Class II antigens (A-B-DR) using robust molecular methods (PCR-SSO & PCR-SSP) to select potential organ donors for patients in need of bone marrow and kidney transplants.

We have recently upgraded the infrastructure of the MGTI from low-resolution to intermediate-resolution HLA typing by HLA-PCR-SSO method using IVD certified HLA typing kits.