Ph.D. Program

Dr. Manjula Das (Ph.D Program Coordinator)

Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation (MSMF) offers PhD in Basic and Clinical Research to Practising Clinicians and Master’s Degree holders in relevant field. The degree is awarded by Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). This document serves as the guideline to be followed by the applicants and guides to participate in the program.


MSMF offers internship for 3-6 months for the students from the clinical field aspiring to attain experience in the research field and a long-term internship (6 months to 1 year) for the basic science students. Students who are required to undergo internship as a part of their academic curriculum will be considered for the program. The interns will be selected as per the institutional procedure. Interested candidates are requested to apply to the respective programs.

Integrated Head and Neck Program: amrithadotsureshatms-mfdotorg

Molecular Immunology: manjuladotmsmfatgmaildotcom

Neuro-oncology: atanuatms-mfdotorg

Product Research: smithadotpkatms-mfdotorg

Computational Biology: sujandotdharatms-mfdotorg