Dr. Sujan K Dhar

Computational Biology

Dr. Sujan K Dhar, Ph.D.


Dr. Sujan K Dhar (PhD in Theoretical Physics from Indian Institute of Science) heads the newly formed computation Biology program at MSCTR, MSMF. Following his passion in computation, Dr Dhar started his career as a scientist in the Supercomputer Education and Research Center (SERC) at IISc before joining the software and then the pharma-support Industry. As an entrepreneur in the pharma-support Induatry, he started working with the clinicians and got back to his initial passion of computation, now with a clinically relevant translational focus.

Research Interests

Computational Biology, Integration of multi-omic data for understanding of disease biology, Use of Artificial Intellegence and Machine Learning techniques to identfy clinical and molecular subtypes from medical images including pathology and radiology.