Tumor Immunology

Over the last two decades there has been a paradigm shift in our perception of cancer therapy. As we know now, neoplasia do not consist only of transformed cells, but contain an abundant and heterogeneous non-transformed component like stromal, endothelial and immune cells. The host immune system can recognize and sometimes react against (pre-) malignant cells as they transform, proliferate and evolve. The knowledge laid the grounds of anticancer immunosurveillance leading to cancer immunotherapy. Recent intense wave of preclinical and clinical investigation culminated in approval of various immunotherapeutic interventions for use in humans. In 2013, the extraordinary clinical success of immunotherapy has won this new method of therapy the title of “Breakthrough of the Year”. Nonetheless, we have just begun to unravel the therapeutic possibilities offered by anticancer immunotherapy.

The following programs have been envisioned to yield a number of Therapeutic and Diagnostic Products and processes

  • Development of Tumor Targeting Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics
  • Development of Immunostimulants
  • Development of Immunomodulatory Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics
  • Model Mammalian Cell line Development
  • Antibody library Generation


Manjula Das, PhD
Principal Investigator

PhD from Indian Institute of Science with training from McGil University – Canada and MIT-USA during post doctoral studies Manjula has spent long years in the Industry. She is an expert in Biotherapeutics especially critical reagent and assay development (in vitro and in vivo) for regulatory submission of protein drugs. She also has established many companies, the latest being a consultancy firm named Beyond Antibody. Manjula with 20-years long market experience concentrates on translating basic research to products and processes for direct patient care in various areas of cancer.

Sowmya T


Sowmya, a SRF specialises in standardizing cytogenetics and cytotoxicity assay. She is working extensively on drug testing on primary culture and cell line establishment from patient samples with heme malignancies.

Nehanjali Dwivedi, MSc
PhD Student

Nehanjali is a PhD student whose work primarily focuses on the role of LCN2, an inflammatory marker – in various cancers and its role in Immunotherapy.

                                                                               Mohit Srivastava, PG Biotechnology
                          PhD Student


Mohit, an ICMR PhD student, is working towards understanding the role of Insulin receptors and their splicing in various malignancies and immunotherapy.

C.A. Divya, MSc
PhD Student

Divya is a PhD student working on the role of inflammatory biomarkers common to Diabetes and Cancer. She tests her hypothesis in in-vitro and in-vivo disease models.

Christopher Bathula
Technical Assistant

Christopher, a Technical Assistant has developed expertise on active protein purification from bacterial and mammalian sources.

Sreejeta Mondal

Sreejeta, a JRF, focuses on validating the anti-apoptotic marker BCL2 as a drug target with small molecule and MAbs. She is developing a diagnostic platform for the same marker.



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