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Positions Open

Tumor Immunology

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow

    Encouraged to have your own fund

  • PhD Student

    With NET qualification or ICMR fund


    With molecular Biology and mammalian Cell culture experience

  • Training/Project work

    For six months project work

Dr. Manjula Das

Neuro-Oncology program

  • Research Associate

    Molecular biology and cell culture expertise

  • SRF

    Bioinformatics/Machine learning/Image Analysis

  • SRF

    Molecular biology, miRNA

  • PhD student

    with NET qualification or ICMR fellowship

  • Student internship

    six months bioinformatics project

Dr. Nameeta Shah

Anti-Cancer Technologies program

  • Research Scientist

    A Ph.D. in Materials Science/Biomedical Engineering/Chemical Engineering or a related discipline is desired. Knowledge of tissue engineering, biomaterial (especially, hydrogel) synthesis and characterization is an absolute requirement. Applicants with a background in mechanobiology or microfluidics will be given preference.

  • SRF

    A minimum of a Master’s (or equivalent) degree in Materials Science/Biomedical Engineering or related discipline with a demonstrated laboratory experience in the specified area is essential.

    The selected candidate will be involved in the development and characterization of biomaterial scaffolds for tissue engineering applications and organotypic cultures. Both the positions represent an excellent opportunity to work within an inter-disciplinary team, on multiple challenging projects with strong translational potential.

Dr. Aditya Chaubey

Integrated Head and Neck Oncology

  • SRF

    MSc (Biotechnology/Genetic Engineering/Biochemistry or other relevant fields) with 1-2 years experience or MTech (Biotechnology/Genetic Engineering/Biochemistry or other relevant fields)

    The positions available are in two funded projects, the details are mentioned below.

    1) “Curcumin and Metformin for prevention second primary tumors of aero-digestive tract in patients with history of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma” The study is a clinical trial sponsored by National Cancer Grid (NCG). The project is for 5 years and the work will involve determination of the clonality of the index tumor/second primary tumor and identification of molecular factors responsible for/predictive of the development of second primary tumor.

    2) “Biomarkers for nodal metastasis in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma” This is a three-year study funded by Department of Health Research (DHR) and is focused on proteomic profiling to identify and validate the pathways/biomarkers of nodal metastasis in head and neck cancer.

    Both the positions represent an opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary team focusing on head and neck cancer in projects with direct clinical relevance.

Dr.Amritha Suresh